The Postnatal Trainer

The Postnatal Trainer

Hosted by: Lisa Mitchell

Discussing all things health and wellness. From training during pregnancy and beyond to fueling your body and mind.

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Time poor? This is how you can structure your workouts

In this episode I go over how you can still fit time into your weekly schedule to move your body. Whether that's fitting in a workout or a daily 10 minute walk. Some takeaways from the episode to help Start small 1...
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Early stages postpartum and returning to exercise

In this episode I go over the importance of taking things slow when returning to exercise. We want to make sure there is a nice connection with the breath core and pelvic floor and that you're feeling nice and...
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An introduction episode

In my first episode I go over a little bit about my background and how I came to be in this industry and specialising in Pre/postnatal training. I hope you enjoy the episode and you can always leave a review on Apple...
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