An introduction to Tapping with Kate Parsons

I was joined by the wonderful Kate Parsons from In Bloom Integrative Therapy. Kate Parsons is a qualified registered Clinical Counsellor with PACFA, but also has a background in Kinesiology. Kate's recent studies have led her to grow a love and excitement for the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques which is commonly called Tapping.

A few areas we spoke about

- The science around Tapping

- How it can be beneficial during pregnancy

- How it can assist with emotional eating

- Looking at body acceptance and acceptance of where you're at 

And much more

Kate is also offering free 30 minute initial consults online or over the phone and to get in touch with her I’ll pop her contact details below and also where to follow along on Instagram.

Contact Kate - [email protected]

Follow along - @in_bloom_integrative_therapy

I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did and here we go


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