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About Lisa

My passion is helping people find freedom in their lives through health and wellness. I’m a certified health and wellness coach, qualified personal trainer with pre and postnatal training, a certified nutrition coach and qualified yoga instructor. Through my studies and also through my own experience I’ve realised that not every exercise program or diet works for every person, so I look at bio-individuality and we work out a program that’s right for you! 

For me my health and wellness journey began when I was 16. I remember being given a book on yoga postures and how different sequences can help throughout the day, or for how you might be feeling. I would sit in my room and read through these pages studying the words and pictures. This book came to me at what was a pretty difficult time in my life, and for me this was my therapy.

And so it began! It has by no means been a quick and easy path but over the years I would always come back to this interest in health and wellness and looking after and understanding how the body worked and moved. First was yoga in 2009 then came Health and wellness coaching and then I decided to become a Personal Trainer - which lead into focusing on Pre/post natal training and Nutritional coaching. I love working in all fields and to be honest having trained in these different areas allows me to create courses and programs with a much broader range.

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I love what I do!

Working with me you won’t find extreme measures eg - slogging it out in the gym 7 days a week or following fad diets or guilt around food choices! You’ll find a beautiful way to care for and listen to your body creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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