Semi-private classes and

1:1 personal training


My passion is working with Mums and Mums to be, and creating programs for you to feel supported and cared for. As a Mum of two I know the importance of creating time just for you! 

Whether it’s maintaining strength throughout pregnancy, looking for a gentle way to ease back into exercise postnatally or creating a strength and nutrition program, I’m here to support you. What you won’t find are ‘unsustainable challenges’ or ‘quick fixes’.  I’m about connecting from the inside out and understanding that we need to modify and make adjustments in this time, but still feel the amazing benefits of keeping active!   

Classes will run from my fully equiped Home Gym.

See below for pricing and timetable 

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1:1 training sessions

In person PT allows for me to be there assisting in the movements and seeing how your body responds to the exercises. With a personalised program just for you. 

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Semi-private classes

Semi-private classes are a great option and will only have 6ppl max per class. These classes allow for me to make sure you're getting the most out of the session.

Who is this for?

I specialise in working with Mums and Mums to be so all of the programs will be tailored with that in mind. Working with me you won’t find extreme measures eg – slogging it out in the gym 7 days a week or following fad diets or guilt around food choices! You’ll find a beautiful way to care for and listen to your body creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Why is this a passion of mine? 

Because I’ve been there - I’ve tried the fad diets and extreme exercise regimes thinking that I was doing the right thing for my body but in fact I was damaging my physical and mental health. There is no quick fix - it comes down to understanding that it’s ok to take things slow especially when returning to exercise postpartum.

Let me help you put the right steps in place so you can feel confident and supported. When I started out in the health and wellness industry 13 years ago my goal was to understand more about how the body works and how best to support it. Now through learning and relearning practices I want to be able to teach you not just show you what to do and there's a big difference. No matter what your goal I’ll be there to help guide you through. 

Pricing for semi - private sessions

Term 2 Sessions will run for 11 weeks starting Monday 1st May 2023

Mon - 9:30am

Tues - TBC

Wednesday - TBC

See below for timetable and to book in. Max of 6ppl per group session.

1 x Semi-private session = $29 p/w

Monday 9:30am


1 x session

6 spaces

Book in

1:1 Personal Training

Please see below for prices. 1:1 sessions come with an initial consultation where we can go through a detailed assesement and then I’ll create a program that’s right for you and designed around your goals and needs. I’m not the type of trainer who will say things like ‘no pain no gain’ Our bodies are amazing! and we need to take care of them in all stages of life!

These can run as either a one off or you can make them weekly. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

1:1 sessions will run - TBC


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During our time together she has always had my interests and goals at the forefront of our sessions. She is very honest and caring in her approach to health and fitness and always works within my capabilities but also focuses strongly on my growth and potential for improvement. It is evident in every session that Lisa has put a large amount of effort into her programming. I have done paired sessions with friends and even with my husband and Lisa manages to ensure that we are ALL getting the most out of our time each and every week. Lisa is a very supportive and genuine person and this just shines through in her approach to Personal Training. I have and will continue to recommend Lisa to my family and friends.

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I was someone who didn’t enjoy exercise  and was not confident going to the gym. Since training with Lisa I have found strength and confidence within myself. I look forward to our sessions each week, knowing Lisa has prepared a fun workout that will push me to new limits. I know I get the most out of each movement with Lisa’s encouragement and guidance.   

Thank you Lisa, you’re the best!

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