Breath, Core & Pelvic Floor


If there was one thing that I could teach Women both Pre and Postnatally this would be it. In this mini course I’ll show you how to move beyond the Kegel and show you how this breathing technique allows for you to feel supported in your training and everyday life. With a mix of video demonstrations and handouts I’ll take you step by step through the process.

I would love to start changing how we view our bodies and the importance of looking after our pelvic floor. I go into a little  of the anatomy in the course and why it’s so important. But I’d love for Women to start caring for their pelvic floor the way we would care for the rest of our bodies  - a broken arm or leg wouldn’t go unattended so why do we let our pelvic floor? Knowledge is power and the more we know about how we can use the breath and core to support the pelvic floor the  more empowered we can feel. 

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Learn how to use the breath to support your core and pelvic floor. This can then be applied to your training and everyday life.

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The core is so much more than a 'six pack' with the right breath work and awareness you'll understand how it's all connected. 


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Learn how the pelvic floor supports us everyday. In this course we move beyond the Kegel and look at how when we integrate the breath and core it can all work together. 

Why is this important to me


This breath has helped me to feel confident in my training even with my diagnosis of uterine prolapse. When I first found out I had prolapse* I was scared, upset and unsure of what the process would be like living with it. But with guidance from my Women's health physio and what I had learnt in my professional training I was able to prevent my prolapse from developing any further and can continue to strength train and feel confident whilst doing so. Like I’ve mentioned this doesn’t just apply to when I’m training but also in everyday life. An example I like to use is walking up steps. This simple action can put unwanted pressure on the pelvic floor by not engaging properly with the breath to support us and is something we’re all doing everyday.

*1:2 women develop prolapse postnatally

Who is this course for?

  • Pre and Postnatal women at all stages
  • Women who are looking to support their pelvic floor whilst training/exercising
  • Women who are looking to support their pelvic floor in everyday life


What's Included?

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Module 1 

In this module we’ll be going over some basic anatomy and going over how to connect with the core again.

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Module 2 

In this module I'll be taking you through the step by step process of connecting the breath, core and pelvic floor. 

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Module 3

In this final module we'll be looking, relaxation, mindfulness, daily habits to support the Pelvic floor

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What are some of the benefits?

  • Decrease chance of incontinence* - and in 80% of cases the symptoms for incontinence have stopped (when there has been no other underlying pelvic floor dysfunction eg:hypertonic PF, prolapse)
  • Support during training/exercise
  • Increase in sexual sensation
  • Awareness of how your body moves and is connected

*1:3 women experience incontinence

Are you ready to start making these changes?

With this mini course my goal is for you to feel supported in your training whether that be strength training, running, CrossFit, functional training and also in your everyday life!

One time payment


  • Full access to the mini course
  • Step by step process on the specific breathing technique 
  • Video tutorials and PDF handouts
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